Where to Find the Best Book Cover Designer?

An author’s work doesn’t just end with completing the manuscript. Only a suitable publishing strategy can facilitate the successful launching of a book. This strategy includes processes like editing, marketing, and packaging the book in an attractive manner. A significant aspect of publishing is the book cover. It is an important marketing tool that appeals

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Why Is a Book Cover the #1 Marketing Tool?

The book cover is a quick gist of your tale wrapped in a creative visual representation. A gorgeous book cover lures in readers and eventually generates sales. In this situation, a reader’s judgment of the book cover matters. The book cover is an author’s first impression and nailing it helps big time. The cover sets

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What Makes an Ideal Book Cover?

“Book cover art is the literature that wraps your literature”, says Author, designer Dave Bricker. It is the cover that binds together the narrative of the book and intelligently displays what lays inside. Evidently, the book cover plays the role of impressing readers and impressing them enough to purchase the book. An attractive book cover

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Author’s Dilemma: Write for Self? Or the Market?

When writers begin penning down their thoughts and write a complete book, they wish to express themselves. For an author, writing becomes a means of creatively voicing opinions and getting heard. This voice that a writer strives to bring forward is mostly one that he thinks will stand out from the rest. These unique points

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indie-vs-traditional title picture

Indie publishing vs Traditional publishing – What to choose?

An author begins to write a book for the sole purpose of having his story reach an audience. The completed manuscript binds the aspirations and expectations of the writer together. But they can only be achieved when the book is published. While completing a book is a part of the process, publishing it becomes one

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Designer or Illustrator: Whom to choose?

The book cover defines the words knit together inside its pages. This decision represents the reader’s expectations as well as the ability of the author to sell his book. Because the cover of the book is what intrigues the reader enough for him to make the purchase. While the author strives to compel the reader

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A book cover designer vs an artist: Are the two different?

Selecting a book that’s perfect for you out of the myriads available, can be as grueling a task as it is invigorating. However, this relentless pursuit is sacred for both, the reader and the author as it marks the beginning of their relationship. But how does one reach the conclusion? Subconsciously, our first impressions of

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