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After deciding upon a start date for your book cover design, we will set an estimated delivery date for completion (14 days). You will receive the first draft by that date following which you can have your design revised for up to five times.

The time between the first draft and the final delivery depends on the complexities involved in each revision.

Yes, your accreditations go a long way in the promotion and marketing of our brand. All designs must be accompanied with, “Cover Design by KillerBookCovers.”

We are willing to do whatever it takes to help our clients get that perfect cover. Although design revisions take a significant toll on our time and energy, we are more than happy to revise your design 5 times.

However, if you still aren’t satisfied, you can apply for more revisions at a small extra charge depending upon the complexities involved in each revision.

Basic details such as the genre, title, author name, brief summary, time period of story setting (i.e. medieval, ice age, etc.) and character descriptions (like blonde, or arrogant or muscular). No idea is silly. Pour out your suggestions to us and we will hone them into a masterpiece that sells.

In case you’ve opted for the E-book+Print package, we need to know about the dimensions of the book (i.e. 6×9, 5×7 etc), and the final page count (post editing) to accurately design the specification of the spine.

Absolutely! We can design your PRINT covers in the future at an extra cost of $75 which is exactly the difference between the E-book and E-book+PRINT packages.

The PRINT cover designs come with unique designs for the front, back and spine.

We have industry experience in a myriad of genres and we like emarking on new journeys.

All of our packages include the pricing for stocks too. So, you don’t have to pay extra for the stock images.

The images you pick should be of high resolution. Moreover, you must have the rights to use those images. Supplying your own images for the book cover design does not alter the original package fee.

The below mentioned links will direct you to the license agreements of the stock photography services I use:

  1. iStock
  2. Depositphotos
  3. ShutterStock

Some stock sites place an upper limit to how many copies of your books (bearing their stocks) can be sold.

In such cases, for example if your sales are north of 500,000, you will have to acquire additional licenses.

Our demands keep fluctuating. So, to be on the safer side, it would be good to schedule your design requests at least a couple of months before your planned publishing date.

We prefer PayPal. However, if you don’t have a PayPal account, we are ok with transactions from a credit or debit card. You will receive an initial invoice for a 50% down payment (of the entire project fee) prior to the commencement of the project. Once we have finished your cover design, you will receive a second invoice for the rest of the payment.


The package fee does not include rights to any source files (PSD, AI etc).

Once you’re 100% satisfied with our designs, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% fee. Upon payment, you will receive your final deliverables of high resolution and print-ready.


We follow a five-step process right from scheduling to delivery. Click here to learn about how we function.

If you need a book cover right away, we will try to shell out some extra time (out of our scheduled hours) to deliver your cover design. A rushed package like this would eat away a bit of our sleep and our Netflix & chill plans but if you need it, we are more than happy to provide it.

Feel free to contact us for rush orders and depending upon our schedule you may incur a small additional fee.

  • When your changes do not require a complete revamping of the previously drafted concept.
  • When changes can be accommodated using the existing inventory of stock images.

When you decide to cancel the project before the commencement of the design process, you will be issued a full refund.

We do our best to reply to all of your mails within a 24-hour time frame. However, there might be times when our inbox is just flooded, and we could get a bit slow to getting back to you. We apologize for that.

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