Frequently asked questions

What’s the turnaround time for cover design?

Once we’ve scheduled your cover design, we give you a delivery date. We’ll send you a first draft on that date and then work with you through up to five rounds of revisions to fine-tune your cover. The time between the first draft and the final cover depends on the depth of revisions and usually takes one to two weeks.

Do I have to give you credit on my book?

Please don’t feel obligated to credit us. But it would mean the world to us if you could simply include something like, “Cover design by venkatesh of KillerBookCovers.” Adding a link to our website would be more awesome: www.killerbookcovers.com

How many times can I have my design revised?

Our designers are willing to shell out a lot of time to make our clients that perfect cover. Despite design revisions requiring a huge investment of our time and energy, we are looking forward to revise your design 5 times. However, if you still feel you need more reviews, you might be charged a bit extra on how complex the changes are.

What about the prices regarding the stock images?

There is not limit on the number of images used by our designers and all the cost of the images comes under the package price.Our designers acquire their stock images from shutterstock.com. If the image you want us to use images that is not from shutterstock, you are requested to purchase the image and send it to us via email.

Can I have an eBook cover designed now and a PRINT cover designed in the future?

Yes, the cover we design for your ebook will be of high enough resolution which will make it suitable for print. If you decide to have your ebook cover converted to a print cover, you will be charged a nominal additional fee.

What genres do you work with?

We’re open to working with all genres.

Are there any restrictions on the stock images?

You can find the terms and conditions about the usage of images from ShutterStock.com

If I want to supply an image for the cover, what do I do?

The image that you select must be of high resolution. In addition to that, you must own the rights to use that image. Supplying an image of your choice for the cover design will not alter the original design fee.

How does payment work?

We bill via PayPal (but you can pay with a credit or debit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account). We’ll send you an initial invoice for half the cost of your project before beginning your cover design, and we’ll send you a second invoice once the work is completed.

Still have questions? Contact us.