How We Work



Click here to order your book cover. Booking is free, we will first make sure to answer all your queries before proceeding to the next step. The booking form is just for us to confirm the order. 

We will send a PayPal invoice for 50% of the service cost. Upon payment, we will send you our book design questionnaire which will get us all the required information to design the book cover. We need a lot more information than what’s there in the booking form to design the perfect cover for your story which will why we will send you one more form which will get us the required details.


Initial Payment



Once we have all the details we will start researching the book covers in your genre and come up with ideas that will make the cover stand out from the rest at the same time conveys the relevant genre information. Out of all such ideas, we will shortlist two such ideas and the drafts for those ideas will be sent within 10 working days. At this point, you have to choose any one of the drafts to continue forward. If you’re not satisfied with either of the drafts provided we will design one more draft after taking input from you.

After a draft is chosen we will start perfecting the cover according to our feedback. There’s no limit to the number of revisions. We will revise it until you’re happy with the cover.





Your satisfaction paves the way for your brand new book cover to finally become the face of your awesome story. You will be issued an invoice for the final payment, after which we will send you all the necessary delivery files via e-Mail.

Click here to contact us for any queries. You can also write to us at