Looking to get a book cover designed ASAP?

There is no hard-fast rule when it comes to getting the book cover designed quickly. You can choose to DIY or you can always hire a professional to design a book cover for you.

Design it yourself

For designing it yourself, you can get free and easily accessible templates online that will allow you to create the book covers in some odd 6 to 7 steps. There are sites that let you do that for free or might charge a minimal amount for the same. They have a door open for every layman who is looking to design a cover without any knowledge of one. 

Template to design a book cover

Here is a list of some good tools and sites where you can design your own book cover with minimum efforts. Please note that the list is not in order of preference. Each tool varies according to the skill level you have.

Canva for book cover design.

It is one of the most preferable sites available out there. It lets you create free covers with mere 6-7 steps. It is easily accessible keeping in mind that the users are no designers to know everything. It offers a variety of templates from which you can choose the best that goes with your book. The major advantage here is that it has stock photos that are up to date unlike most other tools. Have a look at this informative video to get a better idea about the tool.

Beginners: The site has really flourished over the years therefore you might notice that the pre-made templates posted there are used frequently. Hence, someone who has no experience may need approximately 4 days to get a unique book cover designed.

Intermediate: For someone who has already used Canva, it might not take more than a day to come up with a suitable cover. But again, it just depends on the uniqueness of the design that you wish to have.

Experts: For someone who is experienced, it just takes a couple of hours to come up with a good cover with the help of Canva.The drawback here is that you will need two or more software to create a cover that is unique to your book. 

Adobe Softwares

 Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop are the tools that are paid softwares commonly used by professionals so the plus point about using them is that they let you create competent and professional covers. But the major drawback is that they are a tad bit complicated softwares to use and learn. So it is not recommended unless you have experience or can afford the time and effort to learn and create the perfect cover.

Beginners: Someone who has no experience in designing needs at least a week to properly get hold of the app. Even after that it might take around 4 to 5 days to perfect a cover of your choice.

Intermediate: Someone who has used the software before and has the prerequisite knowledge about the tools may require at least 5 days of perfecting the cover and getting the desired result.

Experts: Like mentioned before Adobe softwares are commonly used by the designer in the world therefore you might not need more than a couple of days to get the best out of it.

Poster my wall

It is another platform that delivers a variety of customizable templates for free. They have integrated their services with Flickr, Getty Images, and Pixabay where they get the pictures from. The site lets you download the basic version of the images for free but charge around $2- $5 for the high resolution. Check out their templates here

Beginners: For anyone who has no clue about designing, Poster my wall comes handy. It has all the necessary templates that are categorized according to the genre hence browsing through the templates will not take time and you can customize a cover within a day or so.

Intermediate: If you have used the site before, you know that it will not take more than a day to create a decent cover.

Experts: Designers who have enough experience and skills need more than just pretty templates to create a beautiful and distinctive cover that they can be proud of. Poster my wall might not be a suitable resource for you, but as a benefit of the doubt, you will need to spare a couple of hours to design a good book cover.


Placeit is a library to a number of templates that are added daily. The downloaded pictures come with a commercial license so you don’t need to worry. There are a lot of tutorials available which will make your work easier. 

Beginners: Since Placeit has all the pre-designed templates to work on, it does not take a lot of time and effort to create a cover. All it needs is a keen eye to explore through the wide range of templates. 

Intermediate: If you have already used the site, you know you will not need a lot of spare time to create a book cover as per your need.

Experts: Since it provides all the templates premade by the designers, they won’t prefer the site due to lack of creativity.

Once you decide to take responsibility in your hands, you can try using sites that give you samples for inspiration. Try sites like Adobe Spark that have a lot of inspirational templates and pre-designed covers suitably made for each genre. Find them here. There are numerous sources to get inspiration for the right cover that you are looking for. You can also swipe right on your favorite cover for inspiration on Pinterest or Amazon. 

Now, considering the amount of effort it takes to get your best game in writing do you think you will have enough time or expertise to have a DIY session? There is a long checklist that you need to tick to have the most appropriate cover. For instance, you need to know which image goes the best with your script, you need to decide on the suitable contrast of fonts, having a proper color theme and what not! The best alternative that you have is:

Hiring a professional designer

Hiring a professional might be a little heavy on the pocket but it surely gives you the right direction. You get expert advice from someone who has knowledge of what the reader is looking for. The designers work as the market researchers for you before creating the cover, they make sure that their creation is unique, appropriate, and gets picked up by the readers. You can get in touch with the companies that provide such services or you can opt for individual designers as well. Some companies even provide pre-made covers for different genres. After you have decided to take up professional services, the next big task is to find the best designer who can put your thoughts in graphics. 

A girl making a book cover design

These are a few sites where you can get exactly what you are looking for:


99designs.com has a global community of professional designers. There are various designers who can work on your project basis the brief that you provide them with, you can review their portfolio and request quotes for each one of them. The site also allows you to publish your brief to the entire community and let the designers compete for the project, you get to pick the one you like among all. 

It takes around 7 days to start getting relevant designs.


Fiverr is another site that works as a perfect place to meet your Mr. right designer. Fiverr lets you connect to the freelance designers that are listed with them. It is one site that is known to have affordable rates for the services they offer. But of course as everything has pros as cons, they do not always match the standard quality of work that one might be expecting and this is one con that no one can afford to overlook. 

You can select the time when you want the service to be delivered. There are options from among 24 Hours, 3 Days, 7 Days, or select Other and specify the number of days between 1-30 days.


Designhill is another marketplace that can help you get a designer that you like. There is a range of designs on the site submitted by a number of designers. You can choose one according to the style and the ratings by other users. There is also an option to give the proposal in a contest where the designers submit their best works for your requirement.  

It takes around 24 hours to start getting the proposal designs.


Once you log in and fill in the requirements on Reedsy, the site connects you to 5 appropriate designers who bid for the work and you can select the one under your budget. You can also set the preference according to the most famous work so far. But as a drawback, the site only gives a platform to the designers that are verified and famous, hence the services can be expensive at times. In addition to that, the site does not give any contact details of the designers before the project is finalized which is great for the designers’ point of view but for an author who is looking for extensive research before hiring a designer might get stuck here. 

The average time to get the first draft is around 7 days. 


Upwork is another platform where you can meet freelance designers who can fulfill your need of getting a beautiful cover. You can simply post about your requirements and the site will provide a list of suitable designers. You can review the list and choose the best among them.

Turnaround time for a good book cover on Upwork is 10 days on an average.


Freelancer connects to a wide range of freelancers. The designers provide the estimated quote and time period to complete your project.

Usually it takes more than 24 hours to get the project bid from the designers but on paying $9.00 USD you can get the design bidding within 24 hours.

Now if you are looking for an exceptional designer to take care of your needs, visit killerbookcovers.com, and work with the best. 

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