Where to Find the Best Book Cover Designer?

An author’s work doesn’t just end with completing the manuscript. Only a suitable publishing strategy can facilitate the successful launching of a book. This strategy includes processes like editing, marketing, and packaging the book in an attractive manner.

A significant aspect of publishing is the book cover. It is an important marketing tool that appeals to the masses and compels them to select a particular book. The book cover forms the first impression in a reader’s mind about the content that lies within the pages of the book. Therefore, it’s essential to nail this first impression.

Surprisingly, the author plays a vital role here in choosing a suitable book cover designer to efficiently portray the book’s soul on the cover. Visual representation matters to an audience and every book cover designer must strive to effectively find a creative middle-way between the author’s demands and the audience’s expectations.

<< How does an author choose the ideal book cover designer?

Doing Your Research

In order to choose a suitable book designer, authors must do certain homework from examples before shortlisting any potential options. Especially amongst the self-publishing community, there are several options available for designers willing to offer their quality services at affordable prices.

However, authors can use several methods to conduct thorough research while hunting down that ideal book cover designer. Some of these methods are:

1.    Amazon – Authors can use the best-selling books on Amazon of any particular genre as reference. If the author is able to “connect” with a specific cover, the designer could simply be looked up and even contacted for a quote.

2.    Pinterest – This is one of the most popular mediums to select a suitable designer for the book cover. There are multiple options available to choose from under various genres. Authors can use the most appealing ones as references to explain their visions to the book designer clearly.

3.    DeviantArt – This is one of the best places on the internet to showcase an artist’s work. Consequently, authors can use this platform to search for cover art relevant to particular genres and to contact/reach an artist after viewing their portfolio.

4.    Book Cover Studios – These designing studios are associated with artists who possess ample experience in designing attractive book covers. An example of such a studio is Killerbookcovers.com.

5.    Premade Book Covers – These are covers created by designers for no specific book and can be bought or used if an author considers them suitable for their book. Authors can purchase these premade covers from a designer’s portfolio with minor changes for a more genre-specific touch.

Other ways an author can research before selecting a designer include seeking credible recommendations from fellow authors who’ve published books in the same genre, consulting social media groups such as 20BooksTo50K, etc.

Choosing the Perfect Book Cover Designer

It’s quintessential that any author understands the basics of book cover designing. Techniques like typography, cover images vs illustration, the audience’s perspective, not giving away the plot, etc. go a long way in garnering more attention.

Here are a few key factors to consider before choosing a book cover designer:

  • Authors must extensively review designers’ portfolios and the underlying styles. Based on this information, the author can then decide whether or not a designer can indeed conceptualize the book’s message.
  • Communication is super important in the relationship between a designer and an author to ensure that they are both on the same page.
  • To avoid any possible miscommunication, the author must understand the designer’s working schedule and preferred way of maintaining contact.
  • The author must be honest about the design expectations and the design process.
  • Authors must share any past experiences with book cover designers and throw light on specific preferences and dislikes for maximum efficiency.


Where to Avoid Looking for Book Cover Designers?

There are several websites with portfolios of designers just starting out on their careers. Authors who are looking for affordable book cover designers often compromise on experience for a more manageable budget.

However, although authors might save a few bucks in the process, in the long run, it’s more of a bad investment. An amateur designer doesn’t possess the intricate acumen to lure in readers and the entire objective of creating a book cover goes to vain. Moreover, a poorly designed cover could require re-designing and eventually cost more.

Additionally, the book covers selected from websites such as 99designs.com and Fiverr often lack professionalism and originality and can often lead to possible licensing issues.

To conclude, a book cover is what marks the identity of the book. It represents the book’s soul content in a creative visual. Hence, the book cover is one of the most important investments made by an author or publisher. If given wise deliberation and thought, the book cover serves as an effective marketing device that yields significant results by driving up sales.

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